Not everyone wants to hire a handyman and they have their reasons.
In fact, here are 10 reasons why not to hire a handyman.
  1. You can own your very own set of carpentry, plumbing, flooring and electrical tools that you will hardly ever use.
  2. You get to work with your hands, so long as you keep them out of danger.
  3. Show off all your cuts, scrapes and bruises around the water cooler on Monday.
  4. It’s better to feel good about a project, than for your project to look good.
  5. A project is never finished until the nagging stops.
  6. Get the experience you need to do it right the next time!
  7. Imagine the joy you receive when you look at every flaw or blemish, and think, “I did that.”
  8. Your family will be proud of you, but not until you’ve done it right.
  9. Starting one project often leads to many other projects!
  10. You finally have a reason to come home from work.

    Joking aside, you are reading this because you know you need to hire a handyman. The Ancaster Handyman has the tools and the expertise to get the job done right.
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