Door Repair is one of my most popular services. If you have doors that do not close or bi-fold doors that are off their track, I can do a door repair for a lot less than replacing the door. If a door has a hole in it I can patch a hole so that the door looks like new for a lot less than replacing the door. Give me a call and consider door repair before you decide that your door needs to be replaced.

If you are putting your house up for sale, replacing the door handles in the kitchen will give your house a fresh look without spending a lot of money. That is a job that you can do yourself.

Replacing the front door or just the door handle will give people a good first impression when entering your home. Sometimes all that is required is to fix the screen door. One of the popular alternatives is to install a retractable screen door.

Painting your doors is a cheaper alternative to replacing all your interior doors and will give your house a nice fresh look.

We live so long with doors that don’t open and close properly that we do not notice them any more but a prospective buyer will notice it right away.

A damaged weather strip on your exterior doors will allow cold air into your house and might cause wind noise when the wind is blowing. If your door is not sealing properly then you need to replace the seal. Stick on foam strips are a cheap fix and they are a waste of time and money. A good seal is going to save you money on your heating bill so get it done right. There is spring loaded weather seals that you can get that will give you a good seal even if your door is warped.

If you need door repair or replaced give me a call 905 818 1162. If your exterior doors are drafty then give me a call and let’s get it fixed right.