How to find a good handyman? That is a question many home owners have.

Make Stan your handyman.

Make Stan your handyman.



If you want a good handyman, you want someone you can trust who will return your calls and will show up when he says he will.

You want someone who is local who you can call on in an emergency.

You want to talk with the person who is going to do the work, someone who is polite and      professional.

You want someone who is licenced and insured.

You don’t want to be paying top dollar and they send you a $20 handyman.

So where do you start.

Talk to your neighbours and friends.

Do a Google search for your area …… “handyman Ancaster”

Do a Bing search for your area……………”handyman Ancaster”

Write down the names of some local handyman

Go to Google Maps and search to see if they are local

Check their reviews on Google maps

Search Google and Bing to find out what you can about them

Check their web site

Check their Linkedin profile

Check their Facebook page

Check their Google + page

Check and read their reviews

Check Yelp listing

Check Yellow pages

Check You Tube

If you have done your research it will almost feel like you know the person before you pick up the phone.

Now that you have done your homework you can make an informed decision about who you want to call.

Remember your home is a major investment and you don’t want to hire the cheapest person that will take forever to get the jobs done and do a poor job.

Everyone wants to know how much it will cost but you are looking for a good handyman not the cheapest handyman. Your first question should not be how much do you charge. That first question gives the
message that you are price shopping and are looking for someone cheap and you have not done your homework.

The cheapest way to hire a good handyman is to pay by the hour. It takes time to give quotes and time costs money. If someone is giving you a fixed price they are including enough extra hours to get the jobs done or they are going to underbid and will be going to charge you extra when they run out of time.

If you have a fixed budget prioritize your list and tell him to do as much as he can for that amount. Then he can come back when you can afford to get more done. If you are paying by the hour you are not paying for time he is not working and if he runs into unforseen problems they can be discussed and a decision can be reached about how to handle it. If you have other jobs you want done you just add them to the list and he does them.

Send the handyman a list of the jobs and pictures so that he can come with the material necessary or supply the material for him. Shopping takes time so he will either mark up the material or charge you for the time shopping. Discuss with your handyman how he charges for material.

I hope you find this helpful. If you have any questions give me a call, Stan Your handyman when you need things fixed. Always there to help. 905 818 1162