The other day I had an after hours emergency call from someone local who was trying to find a handyman.  Because it was local I was able to respond and I was at his house within 20 min.
This got me thinking, If you are going to hire a handyman, hire someone local then if you have an emergency you will have someone local who you can reach out to and he can come to your aid quickly.

The question is, How to find a local handyman? When you do a search on google, google knows your location and will find businesses who are doing business local to you. The problem is that businesses list all the areas that they service and they are not necessarily located close to you so go to google maps and do a search. The business location is flagged on the map.

Now that you know how to find a local handyman you have to do your homework to decide if you would want him in your house doing work. Since you are in google maps click on the business and see what you can find out about him. Is there a picture of him, what is his name, is there any reviews. If there is not much information there, don’t worry, a lot of people are not aware they can list their business and get reviews on google maps.
Do a google or bing search of the business and see what you find. Is he on HomeStars, TrustedPros, FaceBook, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn? Does he have a web page? Chesk out pictures of his work and read his reviews. If there are negative reviews see how he has responded to them. If there is one negative review you don’t have to be too concerned (depending on what it is) You can’t please everyone 100% of the time and unhappy people complain the loudest, but if there are a number of negative reviews than you have to be careful.