Who do you turn to when you need plumbing repairs? The Ancaster Handyman is your go to person for your minor plumbing repairs. From changing a washer to replacing a toilet or clearing your clogged drains I can save you the cost of bringing in a professional plumber if it is not necessary. I don’t do major plumbing jobs so I won’t be suggesting major repairs by a plumber unless it is absolutely necessary.
It is hard to find a plumber who will come to your house in your time of need without charging you an arm and a leg. It is for times like these that you need a reliable local handyman. Someone who has been to your house before and can do plumbing repairs in a timely and cost effective manner.
A handyman who lives a long way away can’t be at your house in a timely manner and when the water is running you can’t wait for their next available appointment. If you are a repeat client of your local handyman he is more likely to drop what he is doing and come to your aid.