Screen door repair is something I get called on a lot to do. If you have pets I can install pet grade screens.
A ripped screen lets in bugs that make life miserable. How long are you going to put up with bugs in your house.
You can get screen doors that open from the top so that the pets do not wreck your screen. A retractable screen door is not a good idea if you have pets. If you are getting a retractable screen door then get a good quality one. A lot of them the screen is loose at the top and bottom and if you are not careful opening and closing them they will not last long. In the winter or at times of the year when there are no bugs you can leave them rolled up out of the way.

Some people like the look of wooden screen doors. The problem with that is that they need to be painted every couple of years and they are not a storm door in the winter.

In order for a screen door to be an effective storm door it has to have good seals however it is not as critical as the seals on the main door since the purpose is to keep the wind and the most of the weather off the main door. It is hard to get a perfect seal at the corners of the door where the seals meet and when the wind blows you can hear the wind whistling as it enters the house. Having a storm door can solve this problem.

Many screen doors slam shut. This can be fixed by adjusting the screw on the end of the closing cylinder. Also there should be a safety chain on the door from slamming back if the wind catches it.

People think about screen door repair in the summer but your screen door is a storm door in the winter so it should be checked out in the fall before the cold weather gets here.

If you need help with your screen door repair give me, The Ancaster Handyman a call 905 818 1162