Saving money when you hire a handyman
Save money when you hire a handyman.

Hire a handyman to do work around your house and save money.

A handyman is cheaper than a specialized trades person and can do a multitude of jobs. It costs money to hire a handyman, so to save money you want him to be as productive as possible while he is working for you.

Here are 7 tips to save money when you hire a handyman.

1. Have a list of all the jobs you would like done and tell him how many hours you can afford to hire a handyman for. You don’t want him to run out of work to do while there is still time on the clock. Many handyman services have a minimum charge and charge by the half hour for time over the hour.

2. Discuss the materials needed and purchase all the material yourself. A handyman is either going to charge you for his time shopping or he will mark up the material he supplies in order to cover his costs.

3. Send the handyman a list of all the jobs you want to be done and pictures, if possible, so that when you hire a handyman he can come prepared with the right tools.

4. Discuss with the handyman the kinds of jobs he likes doing. A handyman can do a lot of things but for jobs he likes doing, he’ll likely do a better job at. An example would be crown molding. It takes experience to put up crown molding and have it looking good. Hire a handyman who is good at the jobs you want to be done.

5. Hire a handyman who is local. Some contractors have a trip charge to put their truck in your driveway. Hire a local handyman and avoid these charges.

6. If the material is packaged, then unpack it so that you are not paying him to unpack it.

7. Tell him if he does not need to clean up. After all, he will probably not do as good a job at cleaning up as you would do. If you wanted the house cleaned, you would likely hire a house cleaner instead of a handyman!