Can you have too many tools?

Can you have too many tools?

There are many tool buying tips but here are the Top 5 Tool Buying Tips that apply for a typical homeowner who wants to do some projects around the house.

1. Less is more: That tool set on sale with all the bits, screwdrivers, socket set, metric and imperial sockets, wrenches and pliers is not such a good deal if you will never use all the bits in your lifetime. They are made of low-quality steel so the parts you will use the most will not last. Often the clasps on the case will break and the pieces will constantly be falling out. You are better off to buy a better quality of the tool you will need.

2. Expensive isn’t always better: While expensive tools may have higher standards of quality, that doesn’t mean that they are right for the average homeowner doing minor projects around the house. The professional can justify the cost based on the amount of use. However, using a pricey table saw twice a year doesn’t justify the cost. Also, more expensive tools are generally more complicated with features that you won’t need.

3. Know your skill level: If you are a beginner who hasn’t done a lot of work around the house in the past, it may not be the best idea to buy the biggest, newest tool. Simplicity, at first, will allow you to get accustomed to using tools while minimizing the risk of injury or damage to your home. It’s best to avoid big power tools, like table saws, to make sure you know how to use it and avoid major costly mistakes to your home or body while using a tool you can’t properly control.

4. Rent tools you won’t need again: It may be prudent to rent rather than buy everything you see in your local home improvement store if you are just doing a one-off project. Renting tools will also force you to get the job done before you have to return it rather than having it drag on all year.

5. Go to store demos: The big hardware stores have demo classes for DIY projects. Also, they often have tools available at sales events that you can try out. Ask questions and check out YouTube so that you know how to use the tools you are buying.

To conclude my tool buying tips, rather than having a garage full of tools you will hardly ever use, hire a handyman who has all the tools and the skill and experience to do a better job. It does not help the resale value of your home to have things looking like they were not done by a professional.